If you love shopping, then Turkey can be your favorite destination. You’ll have lots of options to explore in the capital city Ankara. Turkish market, bazaars gives you complete satisfaction of shopping. You will certainly push yourself to buy several things in the Turkish market. If you are planning your holiday in Turkey (Ankara), then do take your credit card and foreign dollars along with you to have a blast. The country is popular for its open market and local bazaar shopping. Antiques, Apparel, Books & Maps, Brass, Carpets, Ceramics, Copper, Jewelry, Prints, Silk, and Wood Inlaid are ideal and awe-inspiring things to buy in Ankara.


Antique items are one of the ideal things you are selected to buy in Ankara. It is old stuff are found in every nooks and corner of Ankara. Perhaps you know that Turkey is one of the oldest countries of the world so you can easily obtain Antique objects here. The city Ankara is also known as the trading place in Turkey. However, you can move to Kizilay Bazaar or Izmir Street in Ankara.


The country-manufactured bunches of wool and cotton. As Turkey is the 7th largest cotton producer in the world. At Ankara, you’ll have an extensive range of cotton quality products.

Brass & Copper:

If you are willing and passionate about Brass & Copper items, then Turkey’s markets are welcome. The ladies and women are more passionate about Brass & Copper items. They are decorative, eye-catching, functional, valuable, and comparatively inexpensive; it is available in various attractive colors and designs.


The country exports maximum amounts carpets to abroad and other countries. Turkish carpets are widely popular. They are famous because they manufactured high-quality carpets which are rich naturally, dyed colors’.


If you are in Ankara, then I would suggest you better buy Ceramics and Faience products. Varieties of Ceramics products are available in Turkey, including Kuthaya, Vitra, Bien, Ege, and many more. You can buy ceramics plates, bowls, cups, and tiles in Turkey. However, Ceramics products are expensive to buy in shopping malls compared to local bazaars and markets.


Jewelry is one of the world’s most selling and preferable products. You can easily obtain 22 karats and 24 karats gold and precious metals jewelry in Turkey. Turkey is the perfect station for old necklaces, brooches, clasps and belts, and other jewelry products as well.

Leather products:

Turkey sells the greatest amount of leather products in a year. People are passionate about leather products and items. For instance, leather shoes, jackets, handbags, wallets, and belts. Istanbul is the center of leather products in Turkey. Varieties of leather products are available in departmental stores, supermarkets, bazaar